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CaliGold Health is a company based in the UK that provides superior quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements for all ages.
Our vision focuses on our customers’ needs for the highest caliber products. We source as local as possible to guarantee that quality methods comply with the rigorous UK and European legislation. 

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Today’s market is full of so many brands selling vitamins and minerals. There is so much differing information on the most reliable sources and the best strengths products; we go out of our way to provide the highest quality products.
Our consumers can rest assured that our products’ quality and strength is the most trustworthy available in the market. They know they will be getting the most significant benefits from our range. We guarantee the highest quality, but our customer information includes background and data on why these products are the best.

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Being an exceptional vitamin, mineral, and supplement producer is our vision. We source all our products as locally as possible. We never use non-European providers. 

We provide distinction in :

  • High-quality products – prepared for maximum strength and absorption
  • Quality and regulation compliances that are to an international standard. 
  • Customer service and relations due to our superior products and business ethics. 

Begin Your Health Journey With Us

CaliGold Health is here to help you stay on track with vitamins and supplements

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